More than ever: We need to talk about Diane Abbott. Now. (EXPLICIT CONTENT)

Source: We need to talk about Diane Abbott. Now. (EXPLICIT CONTENT)

As someone who has occasionally ventured outside my filter bubble of left-wing, educated, literate and caring people: this still shocked the hell out of me.

Diane Abbott may have just given us all the opportunity to see what happens when your health becomes an issue, in stressful situations; something usually hidden away. I’ve had health issues that have held me back, blighted my life and generally fucked it all up for me on many occasions. I am now grateful I wasn’t in any sort of public position on those occasions.

Thank you for everything you have done for this country Diane Abbott (and thank you Jack Monroe for pointing this out), and that includes showing your vulnerability to a pack of rabid, ignorant, click-happy shits. I think you are the stronger for it.

Please read Jack’s post and share the hell out of it, because it matters. Substance and hard work over knee-jerk, prejudiced awfulness. It doesn’t matter who you are voting for today (well, obviously it does, a lot, but, ykwim) this bargain basement level of non-thinking demeans us all. Fight it with facts.

Thanks Jack.


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