Going to Brighton


Not on holiday, although I will prioritise my enduring need to paddle in the sea, but to a conference. Lucky, lucky me won the Briggs-Washington Bursary so generously awarded by the Commercial, Legal & Scientific Information Group (CLSIG) of CILIP; the only way I could possibly afford to go to this conference.

It’s my first conference in a few years but I remember the key points I think:

  • wear very comfortable shoes
  • display your name badge at all times
  • drink a lot of coffee
  • bring back some freebies for the children

This is my first conference where I have a clear direction, however. Previously I’ve been in a holding pattern, waiting to get my first proper job and seeing which way my career is going to go and as a result going to every possible lecture on every aspect of librarianship to cover all eventualities. Hooray for some direction. This is the first time I’ve been able to peruse a programme and know instantly which strands and which lectures will be the most relevant and useful to me.

Managing Information is the most pertinent strand for me and I’m looking forward to hearing from the best and the brightest about current thinking in knowledge and information management and hearing about some case studies – especially the Systematising Shakespeare lecture just because of the subject matter as much as anything!

I’m also keen to make the most of the Your Career strand as it’s high time I registered and got started on my chartership journey (having children really does make it a long slower to achieve career goals in my experience).

I’m very interested in a lecture by Lara Dodd about the use of social media by adolescents as a) one day my children will be just that and b) it’s a shockingly long time since I was that age and my info gathering then involved very little technology. This is precisely why it’s so important to keep updating your skills and not just rely on what you learned some worple worple years ago *ahem*

There is one really tough call on this programme, and I wonder how @ninfield feels about going up against Chris Riddell  in the schedule?


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