The tyranny of tupperware

further to my earlier 2 posts I would like to add that I don’t think I’m particularly different in the demands of my life, I just think I could be a whole lot better at organising myself. I’ve been meaning to rearrange my kitchen cupboards for over a year now, every time I open one door, a cascade of tupperware falls onto the floor; I’m determined there’s an ergonomically-pleasing way to store storage but I’ve never given myself the time to work it out.

And just in case anyone wonders how it’s possible to write a master’s dissertation with a 7 month-old baby, I attach a photo in explanation. And now it’s time to relax for a couple of hours, safe in the knowledge that I have blogged today, although not impressively or meaningfully, but I can tick that box.

Collating and presenting results from Excel, nourishing my mind whilst nourishing my child.

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  1. I simply cannot imagine trying to write a dissertation and raise a small child at the same time. I’m certain that the tupperware can wait (I have, and have had for years, cupboards like that, and life goes on!).


    P.S. Think I saw you at Umbrella on Tuesday, but didn’t manage to come and say hello. Sorry.

    1. Hi
      Thank you! I seem to always have to do things the most complicated way, back myself into a corner and then work to a very pressured deadline. Something I’m trying to stop doing. I came close to quitting a few times but what saved me was a very very supportive partner, he’s an absolute brick.
      I definitely saw you cos I looked at your name badge, but I was chatting to someone and you were chatting to someone. Umbrella needs to be about 5 days long so you can say hello to everyone properly. I’m sure we’ll coincide again, but in the meantime: hurray for Twitter and social media.
      I think you’re right about the tupperware, sod it; shove it back in and forget about it again!

  2. At least when it’s tupperware the risk of injury from things flying out when you open the door is slight. 🙂

  3. We also have exploding tupperware. I think it’s normal. We call it the cupboard of doom… We all think that everyone else has perfect tupperware like in the Lakeland catalogue but not in the real world!

    1. Well calling it The Cupboard of Doom makes it sound much more exciting and actually makes me feel like I should be preserving it for exploration purposes, one day my daughter will mount an expedition to the Deepest Interior, who knows what she’ll discover…

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