New Zealanders showing us how it’s done

the Pulse /te Auaha
the Pulse / te Auaha

I’m really impressed with this website / blog. No sooner do you set your research free than comments and information starts flowing back to you. This is so exciting! I’ve also been asked to write a guest post for the UKOLN Cultural Heritage blog which I’m really chuffed about.

I had been quite concerned that a year out of the loop, not logging on every day (sometimes I only managed once a week, the shame) being a full-time mummy would make it hard to get back in the swing of things, but actually it gave me some perspective coming back in to online information environment: I can see what’s stuck and what hasn’t. Can I stick my neck out and ask what happened to Second Life? I was never that impressed with it but I don’t see much evidence of it being used anywhere now. Lack of APIs? The difference I see coming back is the interchangeability of applications, e.g. I tweet a lot more now and simply feed it into my facebook status. (I need to get that through to here too though!) People seem less concerned with what website they’re on, it’s the raw info they’re interested in.

Anyhoo, lots to do. When I get more than five mins I’m very keen to get hold of Nicholas Carr‘s What the internet is doing to our brains: the shallows. The notion that we don’t go in depth into info any more, just skim over the surface of everything, want  a quick info byte, is compelling. I certainly have my butterfly brain days. I think when going online one needs a clear purpose in mind, a desired outcome, otherwise you end up faffing and the hours go by………


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