Public library survey is go!

Well here it is at long last, I’ve piloted and tweaked and hope it tells me what I want to know about public libraries engagement with Library 2.0. I’m not so keen on the “social” networking name of all the sites and applications this entails as there’s so much that it professional in their functionality now.

Please take my survey, I’ll love you forever (well, I’ll say thank you)

Anyhoo, here’s the info:

My name is Sarah Hammond and I am conducting some research in fulfilment of my MA in Librarianship at the University of Sheffield. I am interested in how public libraries and librarians feel about the use of so-called social networking websites and software as a tool for the library and its various functions.

I am interested in obtaining the views of as many public librarians who canspare a few moments to complete this survey but if you do not wish to but thinkone of your colleagues might, then please forward it on to them. Could I ask you to please spare a few minutes to whizz through my survey?

Kind regards

Sarah Hammond

Student on the MA in Librarianship programme

Department of Information Studies

University of Sheffield


One thought on “Public library survey is go!

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  1. Hi Sarah,

    My name is Susana and I am interested in how librarians and portuguese public libraries feel about the use of blogs. I discovered on the internet you had made a similar research about the social networking websites. Could give some help? Can you give me access to your survey? I would like to see how we can do this kind of survey.

    Many thanks for your help. My email address

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