Modify and improve the monkey

So I need to go back and revise my questionnaire. One of my peers on the MA gave me the most constructive feedback anyone has been kind enough to give me, incredibly generous. Obviously my heart sank when I started to read it but when I pulled my morale out of my boots I was very grateful; the constructive criticism was structured and has enabled me to go back and really improve and streamline my survey; I’ll effect these changes then send it to my dissertation supervisor who probably thinks I’ve fallen off the planet.

On another note entirely: I am full of admiration for someone who can demonstrate logic gates using domino runs. That’s just not how my mind works, I’m not great at visualising like this. I can imagine Richard Feynman would have loved this!

I read a couple of articles yesterday on how Facebook is not a good business tool; I’ve joined some professional groups on FB and hope to get some survey respondents that way but I thought some good points were made, hence I immediately signed up to LinkedIn and found one of my brothers on there! I think this is an excellent tool and it’s quite surprising how many connections I have already.


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