Boot up the backside

I’m doing it again, getting panicky about the reading and not doing the doing, as it were. I need to just get on with the questionnaire construction and get it the hell out there, after the pilot. Time is running out and my jetlag is only just dissipating so it’s time to go up several gears.

If I keep blogging then it means I’m working so I have something to blog about and that I’m thinking about what I’m doing.

Keir is going great guns on his research and it’s high time I started to catch up with him! I’ve also been contacted by someone who is doing the same research at City University! No need to panic, obviously this idea has come into its time. There’s even a PhD around that looks excellent. It’s just very easy to get down-hearted that I won’t be able to put this into practice in a public library in the UK. I’ll have to see what the questionnaire finds out about organisational culture. I’m off to learn how to use Survey Monkey now.


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