High time to start blogging?

Events are moving quickly and there is much for me to be excited about. I will begin with the wonderful opportunity I have been given to attend the Special Libraries Association conference in Seattle, WA, USA, this Summer.

As a poverty-stricken student, the prospect of exciting travel seemed a distant dream until I received a telephone call in March from the SLA telling me that I was one of four lucky winners heading west in June. I had only entered in a “nothing to lose” spirit (with of course the secret hope that I’d get lucky) so was gobsmacked when the news sunk in. Here’s where the details are.

As one of my brothers lives just outside Seattle it seemed just too ruddy perfect – hurrah!

It seems to be a good idea to start documenting my journey through librarianship, to start to write reflectively effectively, from the beginning – before I qualify – so here it is.


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